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There are laws and ordinances being pursued or proposed all across North Carolina that affect our businesses. Recycling Association of North Carolina (RANC) gives our members an opportunity to be heard. RANC was organized to serve public interests, to provide a means of communication between RANC and all other groups interested in or affected by the metal recycling industry, and to use all lawful means to bring about closer cooperation, goodwill and friendly interaction among scrap metal producers, consumers and dealers.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are based upon the overall size of your company. 

1-15 Employees - $500
16-25 Employees - $1500
26+ Employees - $3000
Associate Membership - $500

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RANC Code of Ethics and Conduct

The purpose and goals of the Recycling Association of North Carolina are to promote the common business interests of the materials recycling industry in the State of North Carolina. To that end, the Association wishes to adopt this code of ethics and conduct to guide the behavior of the Association and its members, to prevent wrongful acts, to promote effective business practices, to encourage fair service to customers and to pursue proper action by the timely and energetic execution of its responsibilities as ethical businesses of the materials recycling industry.

To this end, we the members of Recycling Association of North Carolina commit ourselves to the following:

  1. Members are dedicated to pursuing the highest standards of personal and business integrity, truthfulness and honesty by ensuring that their weights and buying practices are fair and accurate.
  2. Members are dedicated to striving for personal professional excellence and to encouraging the same for those in the recycling industry.
  3. Members are dedicated to pursuing our duties with a positive attitude and to encouraging constructive open communication.
  4. Members are dedicated to discouraging any business dealings or associations which are in conflict with the ethics of Recycling Association of North Carolina.
  5. Members are dedicated to protecting and respecting the privileged information they access.
  6. Members are dedicated to promoting education about recycling and to encouraging the public interest of recycling.
  7. Members are dedicated to keeping abreast of emerging issues concerning recycling and to informing other members about them with professionalism, competence, fairness and impartiality.
  8. Members are dedicated to cooperating with local, state, and federal law enforcement to identify, report, and prevent materials theft. Furthermore, members are encouraged to consider other measures to train employees on how to identify suspicious transactions, how to respond when stolen or suspicious materials are offered for sale to them, and how to utilize metals theft notification programs.
  9. Members are dedicated to complying with, supporting, respecting and if necessary, working to improve local, state and federal constitutions and other laws which pertain to their businesses, facilities and the recycling industry.

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