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RANC Board Members Had A Successful 2024 Legislative Day!

RANC Board Members Had A Successful Legislative Day!

RANC Board members were in Raleigh on May 8 for the Association’s Annual Legislative Day.   Members met with Legislators to share information about the industry’s economic benefit to North Carolina and to discuss issues impacting materials and recycling.   This annual visit is part of the Association’s ongoing effort to strengthen relationships with elected officials.

Senator Mcinnis Ranc May 8 2024

Board members focused discussion on S 267 Strengthen Law against Converter Theft

Problem:     Illegal sales of catalytic converters on social media or by the roadside or in store parking lots

Note:            Senate passed S 267 by 45-0 on March 30

Note:            The General Assembly in 2022 strengthened state law against illegal possession of catalytic converters (SL 2022-68) and in 2021, strengthened state law on recordkeeping by legal converter purchasers and penalties for illegal purchase (SL 2021-154).


S 267 does these important things:

  • Prohibits anyone other than a secondary metals recycler (the legal purchasers under state law) from soliciting or advertising the sale or purchase of a used catalytic converter not attached to a vehicle (Sec. 3)
  • Provides restitution to those harmed by illegal converter sellers (Sec. 6)
  • Strengthens the penalties for converter theft and declares that such converters are contraband and subject to seizure and forfeiture (Sec. 5 &7)
  • Requires new recordkeeping for converter sales between secondary metal recyclers (Sec. 2 & 4)
  • Defines “catalytic converter” to clarify that the term includes the precious metals inside the converter (Sec. 1)

 Lobbyists for Recycling Association of NC (metal recyclers), which supports the bill

Ed Turlington         919-332-9793       
Drew Moretz          919-389-5724
Katy Kingsbury      252-599-5999

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